Enoteca Ristretto

Ristretto was born about 10 years ago, from a common idea, of Emanuele and Marcello. It was born in one of the most beautiful and evocative alleys in the center: Vicolo Coccapani, small and narrow, with a unique view of the Piopa (our Ghirlandina). It offers a dynamic cuisine, new and with the union of different tastes and worlds, even if every now and then some traditional dish is added… also as a matter of affectivity.

To complete the picture, we find the restaurant staff, attentive and competent, with an everlasting eye on the world of wines, spirits and beers.
A simple place in some ways, welcoming and warm, which makes you feel at home, with a friendly but competent service and a curious and precise cuisine.

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The Chefs


Born in Modena, with a passion for cooking and catering, after finishing the hotel school, after some experience in Italy, she left for experiences abroad: London and Australia, where she refined her tastes and her innovative idea of cooking. Back in Italy, she began her adventure at the Ristretto about 6 years ago, bringing with her her vision of cooking and catering. Winning ideas, which lead the place to make that natural transition to become a point of reference for many. Even now it combines personal travel, often in exotic places, with the continuous search for new flavors and ingredients.

Each dish is studied, the result of comparisons, experiments and continuous culinary experiences.
Do not miss the 18-minute spaghetti from the Pastificio Benedetto
Cavalieri with Cantabrian anchovies, anchovy sauce, mullet bottarga, piquillo and fragrant bread.



Born in the Philippines, he arrived in Italy 12 years ago and began his experience in the kitchens of various restaurants in Modena.
He soon learns and hones his skills, up to the Ristretto where, alongside Silvia, he carries on a structured and curious cuisine.

He has a strong passion for traditional Modenese cuisine, which he also does extremely well.
Try his tagliatelle with meat sauce.

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